9 Industries that are Safe Bets for the Near Future

It’s difficult to discover which industries are destined for a bright future. No one knew the internet was going to be such a phenomenon until it was too late. It didn’t take long for the internet bubble to burst, leaving thousands with less money than they started with. That’s why it’s not only important to […]


12 Questions to Consider Before Investing in New Equipment

What to Ask Yourself Before Buying New Equipment With the end of the year quickly approaching, it is important to check what your business needs to make it better for new clients. Investing in new equipment can be ideal to start the new year off on the right foot. But what exactly should contractors consider […]

Equipment Investing

Are You Using The Right Strategy For Equipment Investments?

Warren Buffet has made a fortune off of the “buy and hold” principle. The theory of the most successful investment is that you get in and stay in for the long haul because most investments inevitably mature over time. Your business equipment is an investment, to be sure, but equipment investment does not operate along […]

Equipment Investing

5 Innovative Investing Options

Investors should always diversify their wealth portfolios, especially during tough times. What are 5 innovative investing options? How can you protect your wealth in uncertain times?   Alternative Investments The secret to protecting your wealth is to diversify your asset holdings to include both mainstream and alternative investments (AI). This ensures that if one asset class declines, […]

Alternate Investments

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Equipment Leasing Leasing equipment has become a hot investing option which shy’s away from traditional investments.

Alternate Investments