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Port Report: Europe’s ocean freight industry innovates while Los Angeles’s waits, again

A Look At Some Exciting News In The Ocean Freight Industry

Recently, The Digital Container Shipping Association announced that it will be opening due to the US Federal Maritime Commission Allowing dialogue to start between the different carriers. The Digital Container Shipping Association is the name of a new initiative created to help overhaul the ocean freight industry. DCSA members include Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd, and The Ocean Network Express. The Chief Executive of DCSA Thomas Bagge, says that other members are welcome to join. Bagge is looking at recruiting new members from Asia and France. 

Bagge points out the development of several new technology initiatives in the industry, including The Global Shipping Business Network’s Blockchain platform and IBM’s TradeLens Blockchain platform. ABN Amro is developing a new project with the Port of Rotterdam and Samsung. Kuehne and Nagel are also working on a Blockchain project. Bagge believes that the success of these projects will help set a new standard. 

Bagge believes that Blockchain has the potential to make an impact in the container shipping industry. He says that problems with the electronic data interchange has lead to issues concerning how customers receive data. Bagge notes that ship alliances may cause customers to lose their containers. Without their containers, customers may lose their visibility. There are different formats for bookings, departures, and customs among other things. Bagge says that different formats make things more complex. Bagge believes that the DCSA’s influence is similar to international banking. 

Pier 400 News 

Recently The APM Terminals announced that they are moving forward with their plan to install electric charging stations at their Pier 400 location. The opening of the charging stations is the first step in the initiative to add automated straddle carriers. APM wants to automate the process of moving containers. However, The International Longshore and Warehouse Union is against the idea of electric charging stations out of concern that it may lower labor demand. APM believes that the charging stations will be beneficial to customers. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti would like to delay the scheduled hearing that will take place concerning The IWLU’s appeal of the decision to move forward with the opening of the new charging stations. 

Zencargo Makes Headlines 

The British startup company Zencargo announced that it acquired a new round of funding. Zencargo helps people gain a better understanding of their supply chains, which leads to improved load planning. Zencargo strives to help companies minimize their freight expenditures. Zencargo’s funding is another example of the increase in supply chain visibility throughout the industry. 

Zencargo CEO Alex Hersham says that the company will use its new round of funding to expand into Southeast Asia. Hersham notes that British firms are looking for warehouse space due to the uncertain future of Brexit.

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