Equipment Upgrades Create Brighter Futures For Food Service Operators

Equipment Upgrades Create Brighter Futures For Food Service Operators

In today’s food service industry, competition is the name of the game. As new restaurants appear each year and customer preferences constantly change, operators face a number of new challenges. Whether it is expanded menus, various demands from corporate offices, or increased wages for staff, modern foodservice operators have plenty on their plates to deal with each day. As a result, when it comes to upgrades, store repairs, and other changes needed to stay ahead of competitors, it is important to not simply view equipment upgrades as just another expense. In fact, by making the right choices in equipment, competitors can be kept at bay thanks to increased flexibility, more efficient workflows, and savings in building and labor costs. If you’re preparing for equipment upgrades, here is how making the correct selections can lead to a brighter future.

Menu Flexibility

Since consumer preferences change on a regular basis, it can be difficult for many foodservice operators to stay on top of these trends. However, doing so is a must for continued success. Because of this, keeping menu flexibility in mind when selecting new equipment can mean the difference between success and failure. To have maximum flexibility in one’s kitchen, choosing equipment such as combi ovens and fryers can offer many advantages. Not only can both accommodate a wide variety of foods, but also take up minimal amounts of space in the kitchen while being used for various cooking methods.

High Volume Kitchens

Since most food service kitchens are high-volume in terms of food preparation, choosing equipment upgrades such as combi ovens and fryers can help with increased output. This is especially important in situations where consumers are wanting healthier food options since these can sometimes take longer to prepare. For example, by investing in a combi oven, not only can meats and vegetables be steamed, but the ovens can also accommodate baking desserts and other side dishes. As for fryers, some are now made to double as pressure and open fryers, allowing for more foods to be cooked in a quicker manner.

Reduced Labor and Equipment Costs

If there is anything a business owner or manager likes to hear, it’s that their labor and equipment costs can be reduced. When combi ovens and fryers are purchased, that is usually what happens. With regards to labor costs, since both pieces of equipment can accommodate multiple types of foods, fewer people will be needed to prepare the dishes. And with certain fryers now having Smart Touch Filtration, much less oil is needed for the cooking process. In many cases, as much as 40 percent less oil is needed, allowing the savings in this area to be applied to other aspects of the kitchen.

By always remembering that each piece of equipment in a kitchen functions as part of the larger overall system, it is possible to create an environment that is very efficient and cost-effective. In doing so, foodservice operators will set the stage for continued growth and expansion.

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